Conversation with Master Printmaker JILLIAN ROSS
Saturday, May 14, 2016

Canadian-born Master Printmaker, Jillian Ross, has established herself as a key collaborator in the printmaking practices of celebrated artists. Notable among them, she has worked with world-renowned South African artist, William Kentridge, on several of his printed projects including Mantegna (2016) a 2 x 2 meter multiple plate woodcut; The Universal Archive (2011-2014), a series of 75 linocuts; and The Nose (2006-2010), a series of 30 etchings. Ross currently directs the David Krut Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jillian will be sharing some of her experiences working with Kentridge, and speaking to their collaboration.

Conversation with Master Printmaker Jillian Ross from Barbara Edwards Contemporary on Vimeo.

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