Born in 1980, Katie Bond Pretti is a Toronto based artist exploring narrative abstraction in drawing and painting. She graduated with honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2004.

Pretti has held studios in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, and Brooklyn, and has been artist in residence at COME (Buenos Aires), Ctrllab (Montreal), The White House (Toronto), and Spark Box Studios (Picton, Ontario). Her book of drawings, Sonority of Words, was launched in Toronto by Art Metropole. It was featured at the 2007 NYC Art Book Fair, and added to the Artists Books Library at the National Gallery of Canada.

With works in collections such as SoHo House, TD Canada Trust, and Femmarte, Pretti has also been profiled in Carte Blanche Volume 2: Painting, ArtSync, ArtSlant, Magenta Magazine Online, Elle Canada, Fashion Magazine, Canadian House and Home, and Inside Entertainment, among others.

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Katie Pretti Atlas
Atlas, 2016
acrylic, watercolour, oil stick, oil pastel, graphite on canvas
56" x 68"

Katie Pretti Kiss of Death
Kiss of Death, 2016
acrylic, watercolour, oil stick on canvas
63" x 56"

Katie Pretti M1
M 1, 2017
oil stick on black canvas
60" x 50"

Katie Pretti M2
M 2, 2017
oil stick on black canvas
60" x 50"

Katie Pretti Mirage
Mirage, 2015
watercolour, acrylic, oil stick, oil pastel, graphite on canvas
78" x 104"

Katie Pretti Moratoria 1
Moratoria 1, 2014
oil stick, oil pastel, acrylic, graphite on red canvas
78" x 56"